Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pretty Things Scrapbook

Unbowed and Unrepentant - Long Live the Pretty Things! One of the greatest rock'n'roll groups of all time - scarier, dirtier and more authentic than the Stones themselves (in my opinion), the Pretty Things could tackle any genre and excel in its execution. From blues to R&B to psych to prog to arena rock to power pop, they made the journey and continue to create their unique brand of Pretty Things Music, for which we fans are most grateful. Their last album, Balboa Island, was one of their strongest efforts to date. At this time, I am eagerly awaiting the deluxe edition of Parachute, their 1971 album, which was given the title of best album of the year by Rolling Stone magazine. To me, Parachute ranks at the very top along side S. F. Sorrow as the best PT albums. A dream of mine is to be able to meet Phil May and Wally Waller, my two favorite members, and tell them how much their music has meant to me.

Here are some scans from my Pretty Things collection, generously given to me by my friend, Jeff. "Come and See Me"is one of my favorite early Pretties tracks - sorry about the poor quality of the clip, but the music and humor certainly make it worth it!

Upcoming bands to be featured here include Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, the Nashville Teens, more Gerry and the Pacemakers, more Searchers, more stay tuned. Sorry for the lack of updates recently - real life has interfered with my hobbies tremendously of late...

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