Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pieces from a Cherished Collection

For my birthday, my friend (and patron!) Jeff sent me a parcel containing original copies of the first 20 issues of BEAT (later BEAT Instrumental) Monthly. These issues were lovingly owned by a young girl from Sussex who managed to snag autographs from Sounds Incorporated, Tony Jackson (of the Searchers) and a couple of members of the Dakotas. I imagine she saw all the bands as they came through her town. She had an obvious affection for the Rolling Stones, long before their chart success, evidenced by the arrow-pierced hearts in red. I hope that wherever she is, there is a way for her to know that her cherished collection is in good hands.

These scans were all taken from 1963 and 1964 issues of BEAT Monthly, and (obviously) all focus on the Rolling Stones. They don't seem so scary, do they?

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