Friday, November 7, 2008

Early Invasion Timeline

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the First Wave of the British Invasion, Goldmine magazine featured an article by Charles Webb, chronicling the significant milestones of late 1963 through 1964. The bands featured on this blog are mentioned numerous times, as well as many others that will be in the spotlight soon.

I will also develop entries on many British bands that did not achieve great commercial success on this side of the Atlantic, but nonetheless were critically praised and highly influential. They may not technically fit within the terms "British Invasion" but deserve exposure and recognition for their excellent contributions. Some of these artists include the Creation, the Move, the Pretty Things, the Action, Small Faces, the Birds, Soft Machine, and other bands specializing in psychedelic, R&B, freakbeat or pop genres. As holidays and deadlines quickly approach, my new posts may not appear as often as in the past, but please continue to check in weekly just in case! I hope all of you are enjoying your trip through Wonderland...

One may click on the scans to enlarge them for reading purposes. Enjoy!

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